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Geon R. STephenson

Graphic and Web Developer

As a Senior Designer at Roboboy Studios, My responsibilities are designing and creating professional advertise marketing packages for small or start companies. Giving every company the potential chance to become and branch off into a successful corporation. Developing a full the interactive website where consumers can easy navigate and enjoy their viewing experience on our clients websites. Although all my talents are self teached I am knowledgeable and experience in Print, Brochures, Club Flyers, Business Cards, Web, Signs, Ad Banners, Illustrations, Company Identity Branding {Logos}, Visual Effects, 3D, Video Editing, Music Producing, Silk Screening.

I am confident that you will be pleased by my ability to create original Graphic designs and produce work for all types that captures the individual brand identity of each projects. I will use my skills and experience to deliver projects on schedule while meeting high standards. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my professional placement in your company.

  • Ten years of experience in Graphic Design.
  • Knowledge of DHTML, JavaScript, HTML standards.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks.
  • Knowledge of Flash
  • Experience with Java technology.
  • Ability to convert PSDs into pixel-perfect CSS/HTML.
  • Extensive knowledge of standards-compatible CSS2/3, semantic HTML4/5, and unobtrusive JavaScript.
  • Expert development experience with advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Work comfortably with JavaScript frameworks. (JQuery) And be able to debug legacy JavaScript

Download Resume: Here

Chad M. STephenson

Co Founder
Lead Programmer and Game Developer

The experience I've attained in the past couple of years has primarily been in software development, though I am traditionally trained in both software and hardware design.

I create business solutions for my clients as a Application Developer at STORIS Management Systems, Inc.

My goal is to create software and hardware that consumers could not even imagine living their lives without. To be a beacon of innovation for the technology industry, revered by friend and foe alike. To be the man that leads the world to a brighter future.

Specialties:JAVA, C++, Android Development,UniData, Visual Studios, and Arduino(C), e.t.c.

Download Resume: Here


Lemercer Stephenson

Co Founder
Graphic Designer

The complexity of visual advertising and niche marketing requires a streamlined process to truly meet the needs of the client. Maintaining a close relationship built on great customer service backed by quality products is a necessity for success. My goal is to help the client with the development of their creative needs from the conceptual stage, and seeing the project through to the finish product. I am flexible when it comes to working with deadlines.

I am able work on my own as well as being a team player. Communication is a key asset to making any project successful. That is where I come in, to make the indescribable a visual reality.

roboboySince june 2k03 !

What started as a high school dream to help fix and evolve the world, became a reality. In June 2003, Like clock work roboboy started to take effect as a company. From designing clothing to educating fellow pupils on web designing and graphic arts, Roboboy dreams be a huge sensation.


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